(05/16/08) - (Ionia)Visiting Dad and Judy.(Nikki Fox)
My Dad, Ed, and my stepmom, Judy, at their Iowa home.

Western Wonderland Roadtrip

On the way back to Virginia, we stopped to see all of my immediate family members, each in a different town. My sister and her family were in Ogallala, Nebraska. My Mom and my stepdad, Tim, in Grand Island, Nebraska. And my Dad and Judy in Ionia, Iowa.

(05/15/08) - (Ionia)Visiting Dad and Judy.(Nikki Fox)
Here is my childhood home in Dunkerton, Iowa. I lived in the house, with my parents from age 5 to 8.

(05/15/08) - (Ionia)Visiting Dad and Judy.(Nikki Fox)
My Dad drums and sings a Lakota prayer song.

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  1. We moved into the house in Dunkerton Iowa in April of 1981 and you lived there until July of 1986.

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