Homeless six-year-old Chris Pentecost, the grandchild of Carol Green of Harrisonburg, plays with a basketball while waiting for the doors to open for his dinner and a bed to sleep in courtesy of the HARTS program, which gives the homeless a place to sleep when it’s cold outside.


Pres. Jimmy Carter
Pres. Jimmy Carter asks his wife, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a question during the Mahatma Gandhi Global Nonviolence Award Ceremony at James Madison University. The two of them were so cute!


Golf Tournament
A nice-n-clean golf image is sometimes hard to come by. Harrisonburg’s Kyle Bourne hits from the fairway on hole seven in the Massanutten District mini-tournament final Monday afternoon.

On a roll today at the office.
Tell me, how do you shoot a classroom image when you cannot show any of the students in the photo? Like this . . . .
First Day of School


Calvary Cross-Link Church
Took this at a local church today. The people were working on expanding their tent revival area by pour concrete footers for a stage.

This was the first time since I’ve moved to Virginia in 2005 that I was asked “What church do you go to?”

My instant reaction is “None of your fucking business.”

But I bit my tongue, as I was on the clock, and diverted the question.

What is wrong with baptists, southern baptists, in particular? What makes them think it’s alright to ask a complete stranger a very intimate question about their faith and belief systems? I think they need to sit down, listen to some rock-n-roll and sip on a beer while playing a hand of poker.


A good day at work shooting! Got this beauty this afternoon . . . a guy paragliding.

Below is from a baseball game. Turner Ashby senior Cole Hart jumps to catch the ball in an attempt to tag out a Harrisonburg player in the sixth inning of the Massanutten District baseball semifinal game. TA won 8-7.