Backpacking El Cap
The sun warms up the Valley at dawn. Folks brought rope (and we took our vertical gear) to rig the spot where we would have rappelled. But I couldn’t bring myself to go down to the Diving Board to see the view that could have been. It would have broken my heart.

So instead we decided to leave Yosemite. But first thing first, get off the huge rock called El Cap.
Backpacking El Cap


Backpacking El Cap
Since we travel all the way to Yosemite with our backpacking gear, we decided to do a trip to the top of El Capitan.
Here is Robin Mitchell blazing the way along Yosemite Creek during our 12-mile hike to reach the summit of El Cap, where we planned on spending the night.

Backpacking El Cap
Chris hikes towards the summit of El Cap. You can see the opposite wall of the Valley in the background.


Wild Oak Backpacking
So Chris and I did a 15-mile backpacking trip on the Wild Oak trail in the George Washington National Forest. It was past of training for our upcoming El Capitan Expedition in Yosemite. But after we got to our camping spot with 4 hours of light left, we said fuck it and hiked out. Pizza and beer called us.

Wild Oak Backpacking


072009 cranberry us
Backpacking in Cranberry Wilderness
Day 3: A quick portrait of Chris and I before out 9-mile hike out.

072009 Cranberry Nikki Flowers
Me pushing through a thicket of bee balm.

072009 cranberry usgs
A USGS geological marker . . . you never know when you’ll find one of these suckers!


071809 Cranberry11
Backpacking in Cranberry Wilderness
Day 1: Me during the cool 6.5-mile hike along the Big Beechy Trail to our camping spot.

071809 Cranberry37

071809 Cranberry82
Chris starts a fire at our camping spot for the trip.


Dolly Sods Backpackiing
A backpacking weekend in Dolly Sods. Chris leads the way along the Red River.

He sits in the tent at our campsite. And below is an awesome swim we took in the Red River itself.
Dolly Sods Backpackiing

Dolly Sods Backpackiing


102102 Wilson Creek Waterfall

Decided to play weekend warrior and backpack in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest alone. This photo of the waterfall is early in the morning. I camped below it, woke up really early, ate breakfast and then hiked to the top of the mountain to see it.

Below is in Wilson Creek, where I had to cross to start my backpacking loop.

102002 Wilson Creek