071205 The Metro

My first trip to Washington D.C. since the first time I visited the city in high school.
This photo was taken on the metro going to meet an old college buddy of mine, Christian.
I was great to see him, relive the past, work out our present issues and discuss our futures.
071205 Christian


113003 new orleans street

Spent my 27th birthday in New Orleans. Have never been there, and now I can take it off my list of places I’ve wanted to see. It was a beautiful place full of great music, culture and heritage!


An airplane flies into Charlette Tuesday evening.

Living in Charlette at the moment, crashing in the spare bedroom of another photographer while I find a place to live in Gastonia.
One of the things that’s different here is the amount of air traffic going into Charlette.


060902 Height Ashbury Fair
While taking a friend on a personal tour of the bay in my car, I took him to the famous Haight Ashbury. We were greeted with the annual street fair!

060902 goldengate
I had to get the standard image of Golden Gate, I just had to.

060902 bay sunset
An the view from the Oakland Hills out towards the bay . . . smog and all.


043002 Palace

More traveling adventures . . . Rick and I went to visit San Francisco’s picturesque Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.
It was so beautiful to visit on a warm spring night!