HT Dayton

A Bridgewater College student, freshman Megan Sullivan, 18, dresses in period clothing walks out of the the historical Cromer-Trumbo House in Dayton.
(Nikki Fox/Daily News-Record)


Sótano de la Golondrinas
Mexico Caving Day 6
Nikky LaBranche looks down while climbing out of Sótano de la Golondrinas (1,150 feet) during a triple-tandem climb with Chris and I. It was the most peaceful day of the expedition, with only the three of us in the pit.


Homeless six-year-old Chris Pentecost, the grandchild of Carol Green of Harrisonburg, plays with a basketball while waiting for the doors to open for his dinner and a bed to sleep in courtesy of the HARTS program, which gives the homeless a place to sleep when it’s cold outside.


My second trip of the year to Whitesides with Chris. Here Greg rappels the 650-foot drop in North Carolina.

During my last climb of the day, the clouds rolled in and this was my view looking up.

Here Todd climbs below as I wait to help him derig the five ropes.


John Guilday Cave Preserve
Went on one last cave trip to Trout Cave before it is gated and forever closed. I got an amazing photograph of endangered Virginia Long-eared bats!!!

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John Guilday Cave Preserve
Here is Chris and I at the entrance. In a month, it will be gone and the awesome scenery will be replaced with cold, long steel bars to keep people out.