Halley's Hole
Day two at Jacobs Mountain Preserve. Brad finds it hard to leave the luxury of his bed.

And Aaron and Chris get distracted easily during breakfast.
Halley's Hole

Williams Saltpeter Cave
Brad stands at the bottom of Halley’s Hole, a 174-footer.

Williams Saltpeter Cave
Aaron lights up the bottom of Williams Saltpeter Cave (140 foot rappel).


052111 Raven's Roost24
Spent the day with a group of friends rapplling the 100-foot drop at Raven’s Roost along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here Chris makes a quick rappel down.

052111 Raven's Roost19

Pete & Twila
Topped off our evening at Pete and Twila Bracken’s home. It was a great day spent with friends!


101610 Bridge Day Flags

Another year, another Bridge Day!
This year was special, since Chris and I got to lower the flags in a tandem rappel! I was on the bottom, with the Park Service and West Virginia flags. Chris was on top with the American flag. It was a beautiful day, no rain, and I got in 2 rappels, 1 climb and the 1 tandem rappel with flags. For more images, go here.
Thanks to Ellen Hofler for this image of us.


Rappelling and climbing Whitesides Mountain with Monongahela Grotto folks: John Harman, Dave Riggs, Abby Hohn, Cullen Hencke and Brian & Mary Masney. Here Abby strikes a pose, like a badass.

And here’s a well-loved rack. The gear of project cavers . . . she may have a little life left in her!

Dave pauses for a photo while on rappel and I’m climbing.

Brian starts the derigging process. It was a great day with great friends!


Sawmill Well
Chris and I visited TAG, with our good friend Aaron Moses. Here is the view from the bottom of the 155-foot open-air pit named Sawmill Well.

Solution Rift
After bouncing the pit a couple of times, we did the pull-down trip in Solution Rift. Rappels (in order) are: 24, 18, 30, 23, 167 (Confederate Well), 31 and 36 feet.

We saw a bunch of cave critters!!!
Solution Rift