Colorado River Campsite
We checked for an open campsite for the night at Arches . . . they didn’t have one. So we found this outside the park along the Colorado River. Yeah, there were a lot of mosquitos.

But we were camped right next to some awesome petroglyphs!
Colorado Petroglyphs

Arches National Park, Day II
Arches National Park
Chris and I spent the entire day hiking the rest of the trails in the park to see all the obscure arches in Arches National Park. Above is me standing in an unnamed arch we found while hiking to Sand Dune Arch.

Arches National Park
Some pretty rippled sand.

Arches National Park
A portait of the two of us at Broken Arch.

Arches National Park
Me being a goober while hiking to Double O Arch.


Arches National Park
We have arrived at Arches National Park!

Unfortunately this morning, after we broke down camp in Colorado and drove down the mountain back into cell service, we got a bad call. Our rappelling and climbing El Capitan Expedition had been cancelled by the park service. Too many details of what went wrong. So . . . . as the only ones driving across county for it, we find out about it half way into our drive. We decided to stop by Arches for a couple of days.

Below is Balanced Rock.
Arches National Park

This is the famous Delicate Arch near sunset and an almost full moon!
Arches National Park


White River Camping
Waking up in the morning at our beautiful campsite an Aspen grove in White River National Forest, elevation about 10,000 feet. The plan . . . to spend several days up at high elevation — sleeping, hiking, caving — to get acclimated to it. So when we arrive in Yosemite, at 7,500 feet, it won’t kick our asses nearly as bad.

Our view from a day hike.
White River Camping

And then we got to go caving again with Ken Headrick. He meet up with us after work and took us into Groaning Cave, Colorado’s longest cave at 10 miles, for a short 2.5-hour trip.
Groaning Cave

Groaning Cave
Another photo of Ken.

And the sexy entrance!!
Groaning Cave


Glenwood Caverns
Ken Headrick stands next some beautiful bacon in the historic Fairy Cave, which is now called Glenwood Caverns, in Colorado.

And some beautiful aragonite formations found in the cave.
Glenwood Caverns


Nebraska Driving
A storm seen from the flatlands of my home state: Nebraska. On the road again driving to caver’s Ken and Tracy Headrick’s home in Colorado.

Getting closer to the Western Range!
Colorado Driving


Leaving Dad's
A quick pic with my Dad on Father’s Day and stepmom, Judy, at their Iowa home before hitting the road again. The day before, we drove the 15 hours straight and arrived in the evening to a feast of homemade pizza!

We arrived in Nebraska, at my Mom’s and stepdad, Tim, house several hours later and had another barbecue feast there with my sister and her kids too!


Packed Car
My Nissan Sentra packed to the gills with camping, backpacking, rappelling and new caving gear, with a new Thule box on top, ready for our El Capitan Expedition adventure! We’re driving across the country, to California, with a few stops along the way to see my family members.

Let the road trip commence!


Chris looks out over the ocean from our hotel room. It’s great to visit OBX during off season!!!

Another photo of me by Chris . . . riding the ferry back to the mainland for the drive home.


Casa de Walsh
We arrived at Casa de Walsh in Aquismon! A group of Texans were working on the house, or having a party; maybe a bit of both.
After a shaky start to our road trip to Mexico, with a 2-foot blizzard with lots of 4-wheel driving and Jeep problems, we were very happy to be at our destination!


Jeep Work
The Jeep pulled into a car repair place getting the transmission pan and gasket fixed. ATF started puking out of the bottom of the Jeep around 1 a.m. in the morning Saturday . . . in the middle of nowhere Alabama. We limped the vehicle to Meridian, Mississippi, where we found a hotel next to a car repair shop. We had to pay for two nights, as the shop wasn’t going to be open until Monday.

When we got it fixed, we were back in business and on the road!!