County Fair Rides
Rockingham County Fair Day 2
Treyquon Burrill, 14, (left) and Michael Price, 12, both of Harrisonburg, ride the Fire Ball at the Rockingham County Fair Tuesday night during “Twelve-Buck Tuesday.”
(Nikki Fox/Daily News-Record)


Chinquapin Oak

Ed Strickler and his Chinquapin Oak, which is the largest in the state, on the bank of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. The Virginia state champion Chinquapin oak is one of several area trees that have been nominated to be included in a book, “Remarkable Trees of Virginia.”

It’s outlasted two mills that operated beside it. The Riverbank Roller Mill burned in 1901 and the Waterloo Mill burned around 1929, says Strickler. It was last measured in 2002, its circumference was 256 inches, its height was 78 feet and its crown spread was 102 inches.


070304 july fourth1

Yes, people are celebrating the Fourth of July on a different day, a Saturday, so the Nation’s holiday will not disrupt the day of “worship.” Gotta love the Bible Belt!

070304 july fourth candy

And yes, I thought this was cute when I shot it. It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you are in different cultures. As a photojournalist, it is a necessity of survival to be able to adapt to your surroundings.

Looking back (it’s been several years since I took this photo) this is a true testament to how the south is headed for 80 percent childhood obesity rates. This little girls is learning at an early age that it’s okay to consume a lot of sugar. She’ll probably have Mountain Dew Mouth before she gets her adult teeth.