Dolly Sods Backpackiing
A backpacking weekend in Dolly Sods. Chris leads the way along the Red River.

He sits in the tent at our campsite. And below is an awesome swim we took in the Red River itself.
Dolly Sods Backpackiing

Dolly Sods Backpackiing


071507 All Good Camp

I took Chris to the 11th annual All Good Music Festival in West Virginia this year. Did not really take many photos, it was just one of those times where I didn’t want to document, I just wanted to live in the moment and participate. So here is one of the couple of images I actually did take from the weekend — our campsite that we hiked into.
071507 All Good29


070902 Toadstool Park Campsite
Back in Nebraska . . . camping at Toadstool Geologic Park. It was the height of tourist season and the only other person there was the campground host.

070902 toadstool park1
These awesome rock formations are made from millions of years of water and wind erosion. A must see!

070902 toadstool park2


042702 lydfoot

Lydia attempts to block the camera with her foot while camping at Big Sur. This tiny little tent I bought when we were roommates in college together. It’s already been used a lot in my travels, and will be used much more during my hopeful future adventures.

042702 lyd_jim

Lydia and Jim take a rest while rock scrambling on the Pacific coastline.

Below Lydia messes with her wet boots after a hike at Big Sur.

042702 boots