Backpacking Day 1
My vacation this year . . . to the northeast for backpacking, hiking, Canada and random places for adventure!

Backpacking Day 1
Us in the White Mountain National Forest’s 45,000-acre Pemigewasset Wilderness area. We didn’t know, nor was it advertised on information boards at the parking area, that we needed to pay cash to stay at the established campgrounds in the wilderness. WTF?!?! Luckily, Chris forgot to empty his pockets after paying for breakfast in the morning. So we had enough money for two nights on the trail, instead of our planned three. So we had to cram in 35 miles in three days, instead of a leisurely pace during four days.

Unfortunately, we did not stop much as we had limited time to reach a camping area before nightfall. So I don’t have many photos from the first day.

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