061904 rockcralwing1

Rockcrawling, which is the fastest growing motor sport in the world in 2004, is modified four-wheel drive vehicles that climb over rock walls, hills and whatever nature has to offer in the way. The driver has 10 minutes to complete the course and the use of a spotter, who cannot touch the vehicle to aid in it’s movement.

Above is driver Tom Diviak and spotter Brad Ott of Ripley, Ohio, try to maneuver off this rock at the end of course called the “Dingleberry.” The team suffered a point reduction because spotters are not supposed to aid the vehicle’s direction.

Below is Randy Torbett of Sale Creek, Tenn., on a course called the “Crow’s Nest.”

The bottom photo is of Rob Steffey of Pittsburgh, Pa., makes it to the top of the course called “The Cute” in his modified Jeep Wrangler.

061904 rockcralwing2

061904 rockcralwing3

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